November 19, 2020

Legacy By Design: The Intentional Pursuit of Building a Thriving and Enduring Family Legacy

About this Webinar

Wealth is not the hero or the villain in your loved one’s life story . . . or yours. Presented by Keynote Speaker Jeanne McMains, this webinar will explore thought-provoking questions surrounding family dynamics and estate planning, such as:

• Preparedness grows from within family culture. What will you intentionally learn, do and celebrate together this year?
• What do you hope, expect and fear the inheritance might do in the life or your loved one?
• Consider three types of inheritances: one to spend, one to shape, one to share. What type appeals to you?


Ann Koenigsman, CPA, CTFA, Tax Partner
Ann has been in public accounting since 1986. Her specialties include estate planning, estate and gift tax and the taxation of trusts.

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