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It’s complicated.  

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The six P’s of success

As a smart and nimble technology company, you appreciate the six P’s of success: Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.  Having a team of certified tax and audit professionals is a critical part of your project management success.  

Our expertise

Your hectic and fast-paced world relies on accurate and timely tax planning and business advising. Our technology specialists stay informed on evolving industry requirements to provide guidance and to anticipate your accounting needs.

One size doesn’t fit all

The SKR+CO professionals understand the breadth and depth of the  technology industry.  We have the financial education, training and experience to work with a range of companies, from small high-tech startups (including biotech and biomedical) all the way up to large international companies. 

When your brainchild grows up 

Whether in growth mode, preparing to sell or experiencing growing pains, our certified public accountants and business advisors provide valuable insight and support. 

Specific services for technology

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Find the right advisor for you

Your trusted “go-to” business advisor is a step away. Find your fit, or contact us to suggest a match.  

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