The Perfect Combination of Smarts + Heart

SKR+CO is committed to providing excellent client service, developing strong relationships + providing growth opportunities for our clients, partners + staff.

We do this by ensuring all we do is rooted in our Core  Values: Excellence, Empathy, Integrity, Intellectual Curiosity, Respect, Responsiveness + Drive.

Words From Our Team

Courtney Vance
Courtney VanceAudit Manager
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"My favorite parts of working at SKR+CO are the people, the opportunities, and the flexibility. The people here actually care about you as a person and are always friendly, often funny. You can ask anybody in the firm for help/support and if they can’t provide it, they will point you to the person that can. There are many opportunities for upward growth and new ways to challenge yourself both professionally and personally. Finally, I appreciate the trust that is given to me to manage my schedule and plan my own days. I am not micromanaged or expected to stick to another person’s working style or schedule."
Josh Olson
Josh OlsonSenior Tax Manager
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"I started with SKR+CO in January of 2020. Prior to joining the firm, I was with a similar sized CPA firm in Wyoming. Right after I started at SKR+CO, I could tell this firm is different and unique compared to other firms. The partner group and leadership group truly care about their people. Leadership is constantly listening to our staff on ways to make things better, more efficient, or just make our days at work easier and more enjoyable. It’s a collaborate team environment here. Everyone is respectful. I have grown technically as an accountant, and I’ve also grown personally since joining SKR+CO."
Petra Walter
Petra WalterTraining Coordinator
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“I thoroughly enjoy working at SKR+CO. The team collaboration throughout the firm makes the work environment enjoyable and positive. There are always opportunities for growth and advancement. In my 3+ years here, I’ve seen so many people advance in their career. The team is full of hard-working individuals all striving towards the same goal. This is by far, the best work environment and team I’ve ever been part of.”
Lewis Malloy
Lewis MalloyAudit Manager
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“I've been at SKR+CO for about 7 years and it has been a very rewarding experience. I have learned a lot over the years and forgotten just as much- but with everyone’s assistance, I was able to advance from an Audit Consultant to an Audit Manager. There is a lot to learn, and it can feel overwhelming- but everyone encourages questions and open communication to help us achieve our best. What I love most about my job is the people I work with (yes, including the bosses) and the freedom to create a working environment that works best for me, whether that is coming into the office or deciding to work from home for the day. If you are considering SKR+CO, you will learn a lot and gain valuable experience for your future endeavors. Plus – you get to work with great people!
Daigen Afdahl
Daigen AfdahlSupervising Tax Senior
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"As a remote employee, I could not have felt more welcomed when I first joined the firm. From the onboarding to the remote employee check-ins, I feel the firm genuinely cares about me as a person and my wellbeing. Everyone I have worked with has been great and I don’t feel like a random remote employee. I feel as much a part of the office and culture as if I was physically going in on a daily basis."

Work Hard, Worry Less.

Here at SKR+CO, we believe in supporting our team  in and outside of the office.

That’s why we offer our full time employees: Medical, Dental + Vision Insurance; 4 weeks of paid-time off a year; 401(k) plan with a 3% match; Company covered short-term + long-term disability; $25k life insurance; CPA exam reimbursement; tuition reimbursement (master of taxation); 36-hour work weeks for 17 weeks of the year + more!

Let us worry about it, so you don’t have to.

Our Manifesto

There’s a reason our name is SKR+CO.

That “CO”? That’s you.

Our name reflects our philosophy.

That everyone we work for and with is essential to the success we share.

It’s why our name carries a reputation synonymous with sincerity and success.

We’re one big family, filled with brilliant visionaries.

And problem solvers –

We love your complex questions and your unique business needs.

We look to understand you first; then provide solutions to move toward the future confidently.

We look beyond the numbers.

And see the people who count on us.

A perfect combination of smarts and heart.

Together, we are SKR+CO.

Here, You’re in Good Company.