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Real estate 

To structure sound transactions that maximize potential gains, realize key deductions and build future success, please call us well before you pick up a shovel. 


Leverage construction-industry knowledge to identify long-range tax planning strategies that work.

Small Business

With new business deductions and changes to depreciation rules, knowing how tax reform applies to you can make the difference between saving or leaving money on the table. 

Government Contracting

Accurate financial reporting is critical for a growing government contractor to continue to thrive in a highly rigorous reporting environment. 

Governmental Entities

In a continually changing financial reporting environment, we have the special expertise and experience in governmental entities to meet your audit and accounting needs.


Whether in growth mode, preparing to sell or somewhere in between, our certified public accountants and business advisors can provide valuable insight and support. 


Delivering care while managing a budget may keep you up at night. Let our audit and assurance team help. 

Nonprofit Organizations

Many nonprofits look to donors to support their missions. Illustrating sound financial statements is how we help.  

High-Net Worth Individuals

Achieve your objectives and financial goals with the guidance of our designated specialists.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions face many challenges today, including tax reform changes, increased regulatory pressure, financial performance, shareholder value and more.

Employee Benefit Plans

You satisfy qualified employees by offering  benefit plans, but doing so creates a number of reporting requirements.
Our audit + assurance team shows you’re compliant.  

Automotive Dealerships

In an industry known for razor thin margins, strategic accounting, audit and tax planning services help dealerships realize financial gain. 

Medical + Dental Practices 

Medical and dental practices face complex tax and financial issues. We help improve the accounting, business and tax side of your practice, so you are able to focus on the delivery of patient care.

Opportunity Zones 

Opportunity Zones (OZ) are new location-based tax incentives designed to spur economic development in low-income areas. Our team of OZ tax specialists can help you determine if investing in an OZ makes sense for you. 

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