March 7, 2024

Business Valuations Video Series – Part Three

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Join us for the third video in our Business Valuation Series where Founding Partner, David Kast and Tax Partner, Buddy Newton discusses different types of valuations and uncovers the process of getting one.

It is common for business owners to feel overwhelmed at the start of a valuation process, fearing they lack necessary information or historical documentation. At SKR+CO, we recognize that each financial story is unique. Our collaborative approach helps uncover the intricacies of each business, providing a clear and accurate picture of the company’s financial health.

If you are ready to learn more about how a business valuation could benefit your unique business and how to optimize your next move, contact us here to start a conversation today.

Buddy Newton, CPA, CVA Tax Partner
Buddy has been in public accounting since 2008 and specializes in serving auto dealers and construction clients.