Raffles: Follow the rules of the game

If your organization anticipates raising big amounts with a raffle at your next fundraising event, you might want to step back and revisit your assumptions. States vary, but in the State of Colorado you must apply for a State Bingo-Raffle License. The IRS has new rules related to unrelated business income (UBI) and raffle income may be subject to UBI tax. Learn what you need to know before you place all your bets on this event.

A Colorado hospital is denied a tax break

The Children’s Hospital of CO sought a property tax exemption for its day care center, which gave tuition discounts to some clients. The CO Court of Appeals affirmed the Board of Assessment Appeals’ denial, stating the center didn’t meet the statutory requirements for an exemption. One reason: It wasn’t used strictly for charity. Also, tuition discounts were the same for everyone below the federal poverty line, and not “on the basis of ability to pay.”