S-Corporation Late Filing Notices from IRS – Don’t Panic!

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IRS-letter-to-useIf you receive a notice from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), don’t panic! The IRS frequently sends notices and they are usually very easy to address.  

One situation we want to make you aware of is that the IRS has prematurely sent notices regarding the late filing of S-Corporation returns. This is simply a mistake within their system of one office not communicating with another. These notices are being generated from the first office before the second office has processed the extension of time to file the tax return. The notice usually lists the number of shareholders and shows a penalty for each shareholder of $195 multiplied by the number of months the return is shown as late. A penalty may be accessed for up to 12 months per shareholder.

If your S-corporation filed an extension yet you received a late filing notice, this issue can be handled by a call to the IRS or simply mailing a letter with proper documentation to refute their claim. You can handle this yourself or promptly forward the notice to your CPA and they can determine the best way to respond. If you choose to write a response yourself, please be sure to make copies and provide that detail to your CPA. It is important to reply within the allotted time frame to avoid further notices or penalties and interest on any balance due.  

Often times the IRS sends notices that don’t require any response. If you receive a notice and are uncertain of what is required or you want assistance responding to the notice, contact your CPA promptly and they can help you understand what is needed and respond appropriately.


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Buddy Newton, CPA, CVA Tax Partner
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