Not-for-Profit Newsletter Spring 2012

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SKR+Co Nonprofit Newsletter
Spring 2012

A Window to your world:
Making sure your board echoes your community's diversity

Board members are a nonprofit’s ambassadors to the constituencies it serves. But a lack of diversity — whether physical, societal or economic — can signal an underlying problem: a disconnect from the community. A nonprofit can improve its funding and program effectiveness when it reflects the population it serves, as well as the community (or communities) in which it operates. This article offers suggestions for improving diversity, while a sidebar shows there are ways to mix it up beyond just the board of directors.

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When contributors receive something in return

“Quid pro quo” describes an arrangement in which a contributor gives money in exchange for something else. Whether it’s a supporter buying a ticket for a charity ball or an attendee at a charity auction successfully bidding on a hotel stay, such situations create an obligation for a nonprofit. This article describes the rules that determine whether a contribution is quid pro quo; how to value goods, services and auctioned items; and instances when quid pro quo reporting isn’t necessary.

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Make your mark by benchmarking

The word “benchmark” may strike some as organizational lingo, but the practice of benchmarking often proves valuable for nonprofits. Nonprofits that incorporate financial benchmarks into their operations are better at anticipating negative financial trends and may even see revenues climb, expenses drop and efficiencies improve. This article explains the specific benefits of benchmarking and discusses metrics that many nonprofits can use in the process.

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Independent Sector shifts its focus 

Independent Sector, a coalition of nonprofits, foundations and corporate giving programs, has recently decided to redirect the bulk of its efforts. The organization had focused largely on opposing proposals to limit the charitable tax deduction for high-income taxpayers.

This past winter, however, Independent Sector adopted new "Guiding Principles on Deficit Reduction and Tax Reform." The principles build on the premise that — as a matter of justice, fairness and effectiveness — steps taken to address the nation's fiscal challenges should favor policies that won't exacerbate income inequality or increase poverty. The principles will guide the organization's analysis and commentary on budget, deficit reduction and tax proposals. 

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