Not-for-Profit Newsletter February 2013

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The SKR+Co Nonprofit Newsletter

February 2013

Follow these dos and don'ts to maintain your 501(c)(3) status

Having status as a tax-exempt "public charity" gives a not-for-profit significant benefits. But keeping this 501(c)(3) status isn't automatic. This article offers some important dos and don'ts to follow in order to retain the privilege: tips involving reporting obligations, tax withholding, unrelated business income, political lobbying and other issues.

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Getting a handle on the flow of cash

Effective cash flow management involves more than taking annual budget figures and dividing by 12 to come up with a static, monthly amount – after all, costs can vary significantly from month to month for a variety of reasons. This article explains how to prepare a cash flow report and how a CPA can help ensure that it's used to a nonprofit's best advantage. A sidebar discusses how to make decisions based on the report.

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In this issue, "Newsbits" takes a quick look at how to reach younger donors through smartphones; shows why charities that have recently adopted a more conservative approach to valuing corporate product donations can, with Charity Navigator's help, make past financial data be more comparative; and cites a survey indicating that 66% of U.S. nonprofits need pro bono services more than any other volunteer work.

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Updated 2012 Form 990 & Instructions

2012 IRS Form 990 and its instructions have recently been updated. These and other tax forms can be found on our website, on our Tax Forms tab

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Steve has been in public accounting since 1983, with significant experience serving nonprofit organizations, healthcare organizations, governmental entities, and small to mid-size businesses.