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tax-day smallerOur goal, this year as in every year, is to complete our clients’ tax returns as early and accurately as possible. Using the month of February to enter tax information you provide to us, rather than waiting until March or later once you have received ALL of your tax information, will help us to meet this goal.

There are several ways you can help us better serve you and meet your desired timelines for the completion of tax returns:

  • As early as January, send in the tax information you have that is not generated by or dependent on third parties. For business returns or individuals with Schedule C, this could include items such as financial statements, fixed asset purchases/dispositions, bank statements, etc. In the case of individuals, information such as W-2s, itemized deductions, rental activity income and expenses, non-brokerage account income sources, etc. could be provided.


  • Once you have received the awaited forms, such as 1099s, Schedule K-1, etc., send them in promptly.


  • Sign and return electronic filing authorization forms promptly. We will greatly increase the use of e-signatures for getting tax returns processed and e-filed more quickly than in years past.


  • If your tax information is late in arriving and an extension would be acceptable to you, we would appreciate your consideration of that alternative. If you have questions or concerns regarding this option, we are more than happy to discuss the process of extending with you.


We enjoy serving our clients, and we will do everything possible to meet your needs and provide first-class service. If you would like to discuss your situation for this upcoming tax season, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email. 


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