Health Care Law’s Effect on Businesses & Waldo Canyon Fire Recovery

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SKR+Co Alert: The Supreme Court's ruling's effect on businesses & update on Waldo Canyon Fire recovery

July 13, 2012

Supreme Court upholds health care law: What do businesses need to do now?

June 28’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling has drawn attention to the far-reaching provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. Since 2010, various provisions have trickled into effect. But the waters of change are gaining speed, with several particularly significant provisions scheduled to take effect over the next 18 months, barring congressional action. And many of the health care act's provisions will require businesses to take action this year and next.

This alert provides an overview of what businesses need to do to prepare. To read the full article explaining what steps you might want to take, Click Here. 

Tax deductions available for fire

In the wake of the many wildfires here in Colorado, particularly the Waldo Canyon Fire, many of us are thinking more seriously about fire mitigation.

If you follow a previously approved fire mitigation plan for your area (follow the link below to the plan for your specific county and area) you can receive a Colorado tax deduction up to $2500 for 50% of the costs incurred for fire mitigation on your property(applies to individuals, estates and trusts.) Contact us for more information on how this might apply in your unique situation.

Colorado Community Wildfire Protection Plans

Colo. Dept of Revenue Fire Mitigation Information



The Waldo Canyon Fire: Working together toward recovery


The leadership team for Colorado Springs Together, the non-profit organization incorporated on July 3 to be a central clearing house for Waldo Canyon Fire recovery information, services and resources, is announcing additional details on relief efforts.

This is a community-driven volunteer effort led by Mayor Steve Bach and his wife Suzi, with 100% of donations going directly to restoring the Mountain Shadows community. The team members will determine a quick and effective rebuilding process for the neighborhoods devastated by the fire. For more information, Click Here

Please contact us at (719) 630-1186 or through our Secure Email if you have any questions. 


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