Estate Planning Changes & Strategies you Should Know!

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SKR+Co Alert: Estate Planning Changes & Strategies You Should Know

August 9, 2012


 Unique Estate Planning Opportunities

As you are probably aware, there are some unique opportunities available during 2012 related to estate planning.

The tax act signed by President Obama on December 17, 2010 increased the estate, lifetime gifting and Generation Skipping Tax exemptions to $5 million and $5.12 million for 2011 and 2012, respectively. However, these changes expire December 31, 2012 and on January 1, 2013 the exemptions return to $1 million.

Many planners are recommending that high net worth families take advantage of this unprecedented lifetime gifting environment and transfer wealth to their children.

It is unknown if changes will be made to the law before the end of the year, but most feel that is doubtful. And even if changes are made by December 31, or next year and made retroactive, it is possible that the estate exemption will be $3.5 million, not $5 million. And, more importantly in many cases, many planners think the lifetime gifting exemption could remain at $1 million.

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If you need additional information, please see our online Web Tax Guide. The following link will take you to the Estate Planning section with information on estate tax, gift tax, GST tax, tax-smart giving, trusts, life insurance and more! You can also access this guide through our website

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