Election & expiring laws complicate tax planning

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SKR+Co Alert: Election year
and expiring laws complicate year-end tax planning

October 11, 2012


Most 2012 income tax rates are scheduled to increase in 2013, and many tax breaks are set to expire. The two presidential candidates have vastly different proposals for addressing these scheduled changes. Whoever wins, there’s no guarantee that his proposal will become law. All of this uncertainty complicates traditional year end tax planning. This article provides an overview of various 2013 tax scenarios and how they might affect 2012 year end planning.

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Topics in this article include:

  • Comparison of Obama and Romney tax proposals
  • AMT – Patch, repeal, or no action
  • Capital Gains Rate changes
  • Qualified Dividend tax treatment
  • Expired and expiring tax breaks


To be prepared for any situation, it’s a good idea for you and your tax advisor to review your year-to-date income, deductions, gains and losses and project what these amounts may be in 2013. You can then use this information as the 2013 tax landscape becomes clearer to quickly decide what steps to take by year end to achieve your goals.



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