Beware of Recent Deceptive Mailings to Small Businesses

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Recent Deceptive Mailings to Small Businesses

April 5, 2011Deceptive Letter

We want our clients and friends to beware of a recent attempt to collect both money and information.

Small businesses across Colorado have received an official-looking letter (with a seal, citing the Colorado Revised Statues, and using attention-grabbing language) telling small business owners they're at risk of becoming "noncompliant" or "delinquent" and offering to file the business' Periodic Business Report with the Colorado Secretary of State for a fee of $225.

Though the majority of entities doing business in Colorado are required to file periodic reports with the Secretary of State’s office, the filing can be completed directly with the Secretary of State’s office, online, and in most cases the fee is merely $10.

Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler alerted Colorado businesses and non-profits to this letter issued by Nevada-based Corporate Controllers Unit, Inc. We want to pass on this important information to you.

For the full text of Secretary of State Gessler's Alert, Click here.

To protect your business' identity, the Secretary of State recommends that you subscribe to their email notification service.  


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