4 Common mistakes nonprofits make with online fundraising

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Most organizations have room for improvement with online fundraising, according to a study of 151 national charities, conducted by the consulting group Dunham + Company and the fundraising think tank Next After. Researchers found that most organizations don’t do enough to persuade supporters to sign up for e-mails and that their messages don’t provide enough direction as far as actions recipients should take, such as donating or signing a petition.
Of those responding,
  • 37% sent no e-mails within 30 days after visitors signed up to receive them, 
  • 56% didn’t ask for a donation within 90 days,
  • 84% hadn’t made their donation websites easy to read on mobile devices, and
  • 65% of their websites required visitors to click through three or more pages to give online.

With contributions hard to come by, your organization should eliminate any of these shortcomings, if applicable.

SKR+CO Expert
Ellen Fisher, CPA, Audit Partner
Ellen has been in public accounting since 1997. She specializes in employee benefit plans, real estate and construction, financial institutions, nonprofits and small to mid-size businesses.