Planning Guides

At Stockman Kast Ryan and Company, we know that planning ahead is essential to good financial management. Whether you find yourself balancing caring for aging parents and funding your children’s educations, or you need to develop some strategic plans for your business, we have helpful guides below with your needs in mind.

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WebTax Guide

We believe tax preparation begins long before we start working on the actual tax return. Our Tax Planning Guide will help you consider what to change today for better tax positioning tomorrow.


Two Guides to Help When Starting Your Small Business:

Guide to Selecting Your Small Business Legal Structure 

SBToolkit_SelectingStructureGuide_FINAL_Page_01One important consideration when starting your business is determining the best legal organizational structure. Why? Because it will affect operating efficiency, transferability, control, the way you report income, the taxes you pay and your personal liability. The choices can be complicated — and errors can be costly. To help you consider what structure may work best for your business, download our FREE Guide.


Guide to Acquiring Startup Financing for Your Business

SBToolkit_AcquiringFinancingGuide_Page_01Another aspect of starting your business is acquiring financing. Many entrepreneurs struggle to get their businesses off the ground because they’re unable to secure adequate funding. The good news is that billions of dollars are available to fund small business ventures like yours. We offer helpful tips for planning your startup capital requirements and successfully acquiring funding for your new business in our FREE Guide.

Guide to Financial Statement Services: Compilation, Review and Audit

SBToolkit_Financial Statement ServicesGuide_FINAL_160You can prepare your financial statements in house, but you may prefer to have an outside professional prepare your financial statements in accordance with an accounting framework that is appropriate for your business or organization. But what exactly do you need and what are the differences between the options? This simple, downloadable guide outlines the differences between basic financial statement preparation, a compilation, review and an audit.


Developing a Money-Smart Retirement Plan

retire_thumbBeing able to retire when and how you want is probably one of your most important financial objectives. Many factors shape your ability to retire on your own terms, and the landscape is constantly in flux because of tax law changes, the economy and possibly your personal situation. To ensure you’ll have the necessary financial resources, you need to develop a plan.


Business Valuation Strategies

business_valuation_guideWhy do you need to know the value of your business, estate or assets? It might be to negotiate a sale, secure credit, settle a legal dispute or determine your tax liability. Or, as you’ll see below, it might be for one of many other reasons — some of which you may not have even considered.