High-Tech Companies

High-tech companies face constant change. Everything from uncontrolled growth to potential downsizing issues. Whichever way your company is going, it’s critical to have a team of professionals who understand your financing needs, who always look for tax planning opportunities and can offer solid financial advice so that you can make key business decisions in your hectic and fast-paced world. SKR+Co has individuals who specialize in serving the high-tech industry’s accounting needs.

We’re committed to providing you with the service and business advice you need to grow your high-tech business locally, nationally and internationally. With SKR+Co., you can be assured that you’ll have access to accounting professionals who understand your industry and have the experience to work with a range of companies, from small high-tech startups (including biotech and biomedical) all the way up to large public companies.

Through our participation in the local Peak Venture Group and Celebrate Technology, our accounting professionals keep in touch with the fast-paced high-tech industry for you. One of the value-added services we provide is making some of the networking connections that you, as a busy entrepreneur, might otherwise not have time to make.

We’re looking forward to an opportunity to learn more about your high-tech business and to discuss ways we can help you succeed.