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Stockman Kast Ryan + Co. is the largest Certified Public Accounting firm in southern Colorado. We offer a wide variety of tax, audit and consulting services to individuals and businesses throughout the region and the state of Colorado. Our primary business, however, is building relationships and helping clients to see the big picture as their trusted advisor.


The Big Picture

It’s something all of us at Stockman Kast Ryan + Co. look at every day. It’s the motivation behind every action we take on behalf of a client. And it’s one of the reasons our clients look to us in the first place. You see, most of our clients don’t just come to us for our services. They come to us because they want someone to look at the big picture – their company or personal goals. They want straight answers to some tough questions. What are we doing right? What’s not working? How can we progress? And through our big picture approach to tax, auditing and consulting services, they get the answers.

A Fresh Perspective

So what else does stepping back to see the big picture offer a client? And why does the owner of a privately owned business engage an outside accounting firm? At Stockman Kast Ryan + Co., we believe that true insight requires perspective; a perspective you can only get from someone one step removed from your business. Just as objects may appear clearer from a distance than they do up close, an independent accounting firm may more clearly identify threats or opportunities to a company from the perspective of an involved, knowledgeable outsider. So we look a little closer. Listen a little harder. Dig a little deeper. We get to know you and your business with a level of personal service and involvement unmatched in the industry. And from our vantage point, we see things that can help clients reach their personal and business goals.

The Other Side of Business

Our job doesn't stop at assessing our clients’ business needs. In order to fully understand the big picture and offer that fresh perspective, we also need to know the person behind the business. Your hopes. Your dreams. Your fears. Your goals for the future. To pretend any one of these doesn’t affect the other would be a disservice to our clients.

Change Is Good

In the world of business and finance, the only thing that is unchanging is change itself. But that can be a good thing. Staying stagnant could mean becoming irrelevant. In an environment where last year’s tax strategy or business plan can be as useful as last year’s calendar, change is necessary. One of the most important services that Stockman Kast Ryan + Co. provides is helping our clients manage that change. Whether it’s internal changes that result from growth or restructuring, or external changes in the law or the marketplace, change is inevitable. But through insightful planning and management, it can become an ally. And by helping our clients understand how today is different from yesterday, we help position them for the best possible tomorrow.

Uncompromising Value

Hopefully it is becoming apparent why Stockman Kast Ryan + Co. is more than the sum of our parts. We offer a service that goes beyond the tangible. First and foremost we build relationships. We are not simply another commodity because we don’t simply offer something you can get anywhere else. Our commitment to deliver exceptional value is how we set ourselves apart. And we have found that value is a far more compelling concern to our clients than price. Therefore our goal has always been to provide services that pay for themselves many times over. By making companies and individuals more aware and in control of their own financial realities, we help make them more successful. If that fits well with your goals, perhaps you can’t afford not to call Stockman Kast Ryan + Co.

The Bottom Line

The only product Stockman Kast Ryan + Co. has to sell is our good name. Our only work product is the service we provide our clients. And our only measure of success is the success of those companies and individuals that we serve. So we take our work very seriously. And we’re proud of the fact that our name on an audit, tax return or management report carries more weight than others. All of our partners have a minimum of 15 years of experience and oversee all of our clients’ projects.

The Nuts & Bolts

Professional Services


   Industry Expertise

Audit       Real Estate & Construction
Bookkeeping/Payroll       Privately Held Business
Business Valuation       Government Contracting
Consulting Services       Governmental Entities
Estate & Trust Services       High-Tech Companies
Litigation Support       Health Care
Tax       Not-for-Profit Organizations
        High Net Worth Individuals
        Financial Institutions
        Employee Benefit Plans
        Automotive & Powersport Dealerships
        Medical Practices
        FAS 109 – Accounting for Income Taxes











Thank you for your interest in Stockman Kast Ryan + Co. If you have more questions about our company, our services or our career opportunities, please feel free to contact us.